[Pw_forum] Re: Problem with examples

Cesar Alberto Cab Cauich cesar at cuca.mda.cinvestav.mx
Fri Apr 21 20:48:42 CEST 2006

Thank you very much for your help, Derek, here is my make.sys:

# make.sys.  Generated from make.sys.in by configure.

# compilation rules

.SUFFIXES : .o .c .f .f90

        $(MPIF90) $(F90FLAGS) -c $<

        $(F77) $(FFLAGS) -c $<

        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $<

CC             = icc
MPICC          = icc
CFLAGS         = -O3 $(DFLAGS) $(IFLAGS)
CPP            = icc -E
F90            = ifort
MPIF90         = ifort
F90FLAGS       = $(FFLAGS) -nomodule -fpp $(FDFLAGS) $(IFLAGS) $(MODFLAGS)
F77            = ifort
MPIF77         = ifort
FFLAGS         = -O2 -tpp6 -assume byterecl
FFLAGS_NOOPT   = -O0 -assume byterecl
LD             = ifort
LDFLAGS        =
AR             = ar
ARFLAGS        = ruv
RANLIB         = echo
BLAS_LIBS      = -L/opt/intel/mkl/8.0.1/lib/32 -lmkl_ia32 -lguide
LAPACK_LIBS    = -lmkl_lapack
FFT_LIBS       =
MPI_LIBS       =
MASS_LIBS      =

# -----------------------------
# application-specific settings

# See include/defs.h.README for a list of precompilation options
# (possible arguments to -D or -U) and their meaning
FDFLAGS        = $(DFLAGS)
IFLAGS         = -I../include
MODFLAGS       = -I. -I../Modules -I../PW -I../PH -I../iotk/src

LIBOBJS        = ../flib/ptools.a ../flib/flib.a ../clib/clib.a
# LIBS must contain the location of all needed external libraries
# MYLIB can be one of the following (depending on LIBS):
# blas       : compile the local copy of blas routines
# lapack     : compile the local copy of lapack routines
# blas_and_lapack : all of the above - use this for a quick test
#              or if you don't have an optimized blas/lapack library
# lapack_ibm : compile only lapack routines not present in IBM ESSL
#              use this together with IBM ESSL
# lapack_t3e : compile only lapack routines not present in T3E scilib
#              use this together with T3E scilib
# lapack_mkl : compile only lapack routines not present in Intel MKL
#              use this together with Intel MKL
MYLIB          = lapack_mkl

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