[Pw_forum] Parallel version and NFS

sir_puding at tut.by sir_puding at tut.by
Tue Apr 4 16:26:41 CEST 2006

>> I'm using a Linux PIII cluster with 2 proc. per node and NFS
> don't use NFS
I have no other possibility (I'm not a UNIX guru, and think that NFS
is used on my cluster because '/home' file-system is the same on every
node and all *.wfc are written to the very same  directory).

>>      Starting configuration read from file     silicon.save
>>      Failed to open file     silicon.save
>>      Using input configuration

> are you sure this is what you want? P.

I'm starting calculation and  use 'restart' in order not to forget load files at the
second run. Does it influence somehow on convergence?


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