[Pw_forum] xcrysden-cannot open pwscf output file

Gerardo Ballabio g.ballabio at cineca.it
Fri Sep 9 09:57:41 CEST 2005

On 09/09/2005 08:53:03 AM, Jaita Paul wrote:
> /home/jaita/XCrySDen-B1.0bin-static/scripts/pwo2xsf.sh: line 1: bc:  
> command not found
> /home/jaita/XCrySDen-B1.0bin-static/scripts/pwo2xsf.sh: line 88:  
> test: -eq: unary operator expected

The first error means that the "bc" program can't be found on your  
system. The second error is a consequence.

"bc" is a command-line calculator that comes sort of standard on  
Unix/Linux systems. You may ask your system administrator to install  
it. If you are yourself the administrator of your machine, if it's a  
Linux machine, I'm sure packages for bc exist for practically all  
Linux distributions.


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