[Pw_forum] question about pdos and dos

XiaoSong Du dxs571 at mail.ustc.edu.cn
Thu Sep 1 16:28:44 CEST 2005

The output file containing dos and pdos bepuzzles me, according to my 
knowledge, dos contains all states including shell and valence states
but pdos contains only the valence states, but in Pwscf dos equals pdos
in the pdos output file.And the dos caculation's column writes like this
 E (eV)   dosup(E)     dosdw(E)   Int dos(E)
  5.749  0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00  0.0000E+00
  5.849  0.9326E-03  0.4531E-03  0.1386E-03 
What's the meaning of Int dos?And what's the unit of dos, or it's just in a.u.

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