[Pw_forum] Compile error of espresso 2.1.3

Axel Kohlmeyer axel.kohlmeyer at theochem.ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Thu May 5 18:55:51 CEST 2005

On Thu, 5 May 2005, Jose C. Conesa wrote:

JC> Dear all, 

dear jose,

JC> I tried to compile the new espresso version in a machine correctly
JC> identified as alphaev68-dec- osf5.1, in which I had already compiled
JC> successfully version 2.1.2. But now in the compilations I find that,
JC> after libraries clib.a, flib.a and ptools.a have been created, the
JC> following error appears:

JC> f90: Warning: input.f90, line 90: Conflicting attributes or multiple declaration
JC>  of name.   [RD_HT]
JC>            if_pos, rd_ht, nelup, neldw, occupations, f_inp, pos, nr3b, pseudo_dir, &
JC> -------------------^
JC> followed by several errors similar to this one:
JC> f90: Error: input.f90, line 211: The same named entity from different modules an
JC> d/or program units cannot be referenced.   [RD_HT]
JC>                            rd_ht, a, b, c, cosab, cosac, cosbc, alat_ )
JC> ---------------------------^
JC> Then compilation aborts. Please help.

simply remove 'rd_ht,' on line 103 of CPV/input.f90

the alpha compiler is _extremely_ picky and rd_ht was imported
twice from the input_parameters module.



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