[Pw_forum] compiling on sgi orgin with -D_SCSL

Lilong Li lilong at unc.edu
Wed Mar 16 22:25:54 CET 2005

I used sgi compilers 7.4.3m.  I encountered a couple of errors and a 
segmentation fault.  Should line 120 in PW/cft_3.f90 be
     LOGICAL, SAVE              :: first(ngrid)     
instead of
     INTEGER, SAVE              :: first(ngrid)

The compiler also complained that line 636 of FPMD/fpmdpp.f90 doesn't 
start with & when continuing from the previous line. Adding an & will 
stop it.

There's also a segmentation fault when compiling CPV/cplib.f90. Probably 
I won't need the programs there. But it would be nice if somebody had 
the same experience and solved the problem.

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