[Pw_forum] parallel environment not found

Mahmoud Payami mpayami at aeoi.org.ir
Tue Oct 26 13:55:32 CEST 2004

Hi Gerardo,
I  searched the file "configure" and found out that if it finds parallel
environment, it shoud add some "-D__MPI -D__PARA" somewhere in "make.sys",
but these switches are absent in my "make.sys". Is it the origin? What is
the cure?
Thanks a lot.


> > Before I try to use "./configure", I have installed MPI and run
> > "mpdboot -n <number_of_hosts>" command successfully. So the
> > environment for parallel is ok.
> I don't know this command, is it enough to say that the MPI environment
> works? Have you tried compiling and running a simple test program?
> > Afterwards, I try to use the "configure" command. As is seen at the
> > end it does not detect parallel environment (although it detects all
> > relevant mpicc, mpif77, ...):
> [snip]
> > checking for library containing mpi_init... no
> [snip]
> > ----------------------------------------------
> > WARNING: parallel environment not detected
> > this program will run in single-processor mode
> > ----------------------------------------------
> Could you please post the "config.log" file produced by running
> configure? This should contain more info on why the check failed. If you
> want to look at it yourself, search for "mpi_init".
> Gerardo
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