[Pw_forum] Problems with ph.x in pwscf2.0

Massimiliano Bonomi massimiliano.bonomi at mi.infn.it
Tue Mar 9 14:31:06 CET 2004

>On Monday 08 March 2004 15:51, Massimiliano Bonomi wrote:
>>/ I compiled pwscf2.0 on a linux cluster with PGI IA-32.
>/>/ I had no problem with pw.x using mpiexec v. 0.74 for parallel use,
>/>/ but when i tried to use ph.x the program stopped after a few seconds
>/>/ without any error message in the standard output.
>if you are using k-point parallelization, you need to install the patch
>I sent a few days ago (or simply to remove the call to "init_pool" from
>PH/phq_readin.f90). Otherwise, this is what the manual says:
>Linux PCs with Portland Group compiler (pgf90)
>Use the latest version of each release of the compiler, with patches if
>available: see the Portland Group web site, 
>http://www.pgroup.com/faq/install.htm#release_info.  PWscf does not
>work reliably, or not at all, with some versions of the Portland compiler.

I did not use k-point parallelization, but i launched on a single pool of ten processor.
I tried to remove the call to "init_pool", but it doesn't work yet.
I did not have this problem with the previous version of the code on the same machine and compilator.

Thanks for your help.

Massimiliano Bonomi

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