[Pw_forum] Parallel execution of pwscf

Mickael Profeta profeta at sissa.it
Fri Jul 9 15:15:19 CEST 2004

Good morning
> I am preparing to run pwscf on linux cluter, when reading the manuel, 
> the bacth query system recommended is mpiexec, but this one needs pbs  
> which is not available to donwnload from its page on the net. Can any 
> one help to get it.

the way to run a mpi job, depend on your mpi environment (mpich/lampi 
compiler options). You may use mpirun in spite of mpiexec depending on 
the environnement.
A scheduler like pbs is not "necessary" to run mpi job, its goal is to 
use at best the ressource of the cluster when running multiple jobs.
But if you need one, you can have a look there: http://www.openpbs.org/

Yours Sincerely

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