[Pw_forum] PWscf on Windows?

breezejd at lsbu.ac.uk breezejd at lsbu.ac.uk
Sat Jul 3 02:02:27 CEST 2004

I have a knoppix/quantian based live CD with pwscf installed, but I have
to say that although it is handy being able to run pwscf on any computer
without leaving a trace, it can sometimes be annoying when the CDrom keeps
spinning up to load programs like gawk or grep in script files.
Also, due to pwscfs reaonably high I/O requirements, and that knoppix type
CDs rely purely on ramdisks, that memory can run out quite quickly.

> And there is another possibility for someone who does not want to touch
> Windows on some computer, does not want to create a partition for Linux
> and install a boot loader, but would like to do something quickly with
> PWscf on the same computer. There  is a possibility to use a  "live"
> Linux: Knoppix (www.knoppix.org), or MandrakeMove, or BitDefender... They
> run from CD, there is no installation...
> Best regards,
> Goranka
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