[Pw_forum] Error encountered while attempting to allocate a data object.

Serguei Patchkovskii ps at ned.sims.nrc.ca
Thu Jan 29 00:36:58 CET 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Konstantin Kudin wrote:
>  Then when I actually run pw.x, I get the error:
> 1525-108 Error encountered while attempting to
> allocate a data object.  The program will stop.

IBM AIX? Make sure you use the "-bmaxdata" flag set to
something high enough. As far as I recall, the absolute
maximum you could use is 2560 megabytes.

> memory.x:
>      Estimated Max memory (Gamma-only code):
> 1739.87Mb
>      nonscalable memory =   28.41Mb
>         scalable memory =  300.81Mb
>      nonscalable wspace =   64.66Mb
>         scalable wspace = 1345.99Mb   (diag:
> 1345.99Mb, mix:   28.10Mb)

You should still be able to do this on a Linux PC, BUT:

1. You'll need to compile a static binary. If you use ifc,
   use "-static" flag (or "-Wl,-non_shared" if you like to be
   fancy). You are also limited to MKL 5.1 or ATLAS for BLAS
   - later versions of MKL don't support static linking.

2. You may need to rebuild Linux kernel. Take a look at
   /proc/config.gz - you should be using "CONFIG_1GB" kernel
   (or preferably "CONFIG_05GB", if your distribution supports
   it). This job with definitly NOT run with "CONFIG_2GB" or
   "CONFIG_3GB" kernels. [*]

#2 should not be necessary with a 64-bit kernel on Opteron -
you autimatically get the largest possible address space, even
for a 32-bit process.


[*] Technical background: the amount of memory your job can
    allocate is close to the difference between PAGE_OFFSET_RAW
    and TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE kernel #define's. Linux kernel
    occupies address space above PAGE_OFFSET_RAW; Your program's
    stack is usually growing down from that address. Your
    program's code and static data are usually found at low
    addresses, while (large) dynamically allocated arrays grow
    up from about TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE. You can get a pretty good
    idea of what is going on by taking a look at the contents
    of "/proc/$$/maps"

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