[Pw_forum] Compiling pwscf using ifc 7.1 on a x64-64 system

Jonathan Breeze breezejd at lsbu.ac.uk
Thu Feb 26 15:02:01 CET 2004

As far as I know, IFC can only generate 32-bit code that is compatible 
with an AMD64 processor.  There is a version for IA-64 chips but I don't 
think it would be compatible with AMD64.  The  PGI compiler can generate 
64-bit code apparently, I'll be trying that next I think, then I will be 
able to compare performance.

Gerardo Ballabio wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 13:31, Jonathan Breeze wrote:
>>Just thought I would share some of my experiences getting pwscf (version 
>>1.3 and 2.0) to compile using Intel Fortran Compiler (IFC) on a 64-bit 
>>linux system (AMD64 on Suse 9.0 x86_64).
>Hi Jonathan,
>I see you compiled PWscf as 32-bit code. Have you tried a 64-bit
>install? We would be very interested in getting that to work.
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