[Pw_forum] Building CVS - problems

Gerardo Ballabio g.ballabio at cineca.it
Tue Feb 24 18:08:44 CET 2004

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 17:32, Konstantin Kudin wrote:
>  But this does not seem to make sense. I was trying to
> compile on a fully interactive machine. What is this
> magic queue anyway and how does one go about detecting
> it?

There's nothing magic. Our IBM SP4 machine here at Cineca
(sp.sp4.cineca.it) is configured so as to enforce the policy that no
parallel job can be run outside the LoadLeveler batch queuing system.
Among the configured queues there is an "interactive" queue, and
parallel programs run from the command line are automatically routed
through that queue. If there aren't available processors when the
command is issued, LoadLeveler tries a few times and then gives up -- as
configure sees it, your program "fails to run".

If your machine doesn't have LoadLeveler (or any other queuing system)
up and running and configured this way, you should be able to run
parallel programs truly interactively.

Try compiling a minimal program like this, using your parallel compiler
(mpxlf90_r or whatever you have):

      program main

and then run it. (This should be exactly what "configure" tries to do.)
Does it execute correctly?


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