[Pw_forum] compilation on SUN

Stefano Piscanec sp344 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Feb 24 16:40:17 CET 2004

Unortunately troubles did not come to an end...

> - "nm clib/clib.a | grep -i ln_" and see what is inside
> - "ranlib clib/clib.a" (once upon a time it was needed)
> - add clib/indici.o to the list of objects at loading
> - add "clib/clib.a" at the end of the list of objects at loading
> - remove Modules/berry_phase.o from the list of objects at loading
> - inquire with your system wizard

checking more carefully the logfiles I found lines like:

    cc  -c c_getenv.c
    You are strongly advised to use the mpcc command for MPI and S3L code
    This is a Sun recommendation, as the path requirements are very complex

This may affect clib.a and indici.o, and could explain why all my attempts
of compilation failed. I searched for c compiler name and flags in both
make.sys and /clib/Makefile, but I couldn't find anything.  It seems to me
that a line with those information should be added, but I don't know where
and how.

Finally, I'would like to know where the ln_* are defined. They seem not  to
belong to any common library (lapack, blas, sunperf, etc.), and I couldn't
find their definition  in the source code either. If I knew where they are
placed, I can ask my sistem wizards to help me in linking them properly.


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