[Pw_forum] compilation on SUN

Stefano Piscanec sp344 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Fri Feb 20 17:07:40 CET 2004

Dear Paolo,

thanks a lot for your suggestions!

Following your advice, I recompiled the code again, using all the
combinations of underscors and capital character in the definition of the

To be sure that all the parts of the code were poperly recompiled, I
always performed a 'make clean' before a new compilation.

Unfortunately I couldn't get rid of the error message.

Maybe I am doing something wrong at an earlier stage, so I'll try to give
you as many details as possible:

1) I replaced the cp.h with a new file where:

	a) no #if instructions is used
	b) and which is made by lines like ''# define LN_SET ln_set__''

2) I changed those lines in the following way:
   compilation 1:#  define LN_SET ln_set__
   compilation 2:#  define LN_SET ln_set_
   compilation 6:#  define LN_SET LN_SET

3) After modification of cp.h I:
	a) checked the file again (es: grep LN_SET ./clib/cp.h)
	b) cleaned the installation ( make clean)
        c) recompiled the code (make all > & log.file &)

...and I always got the same error message.

Looking at the log_files, I also found these messages:

	"indici.c", line 81: warning: implicit function declaration: abs
	"indici.c", line 145: warning: implicit function declaration: malloc
	"indici.c", line 151: warning: implicit function declaration: free
	"indici.c", line 158: warning: implicit function declaration: exit
	"cptimer.c", line 81: warning: implicit function declaration: times


	Warning: -O5 overwrites previously set optimization level of -O3

Finally, I also had to modify cft3.f90 in order to avoid the following

        mc = dfftp%ismap (i)
"cft3.F90", Line = 152, Column = 14: ERROR: IMPLICIT NONE is specified in
the local scope, therefore an explicit type must be specified for data
object "DFFTP".

the modification I did (which I hope doesn't affect the behaviour of the
code) is just replacing:

#if defined __FFT_MODULE_DRV
  use fft_scalar, only : cft_1z, cft_2xy
  use sticks, only: dfftp


#if defined __FFT_MODULE_DRV
  use fft_scalar, only : cft_1z, cft_2xy
!  use sticks, only: dfftp
   use sticks, only: dfftp

I hope someone can give me some more advice on how to work out the



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