[Pw_forum] error in making cp

Mahmoud Payami mpayami at aeoi.org.ir
Sun Dec 19 07:12:31 CET 2004

Dear Paolo,

Kindly, I have posted the following message last week but until now I have not found the way to fix it; so, I resend it and need your help.

With best regards,

  Dear All,

  Compilation of  "cp" from version 2.1.1 fails with message:
  Error 85 at (297:/usr/local/include/mpif.h): This entity has already been given attribute PARAMETER
  The value of this parameter in /usr/local/include/mpif.h is different from the message and is: 1275070495.
  It seems some routine tries to change the value of this parameter which is not allowed.
  I would be grateful if somebody comments this issue and help fixing the problem.
  PS: I am using the combination ifc7.1+mkl6.1

  With best regards,
  Mahmoud Payami
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