[Pw_forum] RE:Re:Question on Compiling.

张 洪彬 leoant21 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 9 14:39:04 CET 2004

 >   I am a newbie on pwSCF,  and I really can??t get it be compiled on my 
> > with Red Hat Linux 9.0 with g77 compiler(version 3.2.2):
>You will need a working Fortran90 compiler to compile PWscf. The g77
>is a Fortran77 compiler and cannot do it. For example, you may try to
>get the Intel Fortran90 compiler.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank you. And I made it with my classmate's help, 
though I don't know some specific things about it! sigh. However I am here 
and hope to learn more from everyone here.

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