[Pw_forum] compiling pwsf for lam-mpi pc cluster

Mickael Profeta profeta at sissa.it
Thu Aug 19 13:56:23 CEST 2004


> Could any one have this experience tell me how to compile pwscf for 
> intel P4 pc cluster, compiler present are those of linux redhat fedora 
> core and 7.3 versions. Here I have a question: the presece of lam on the 
> machine where I compile pwscf is necessay or not. If it is not, can I do 
> it on other machine that contains inelfortran but lam is not present?

- on a 'standard' installation of linux distribution, there is no 
fortran 90 compiler. You have to instal one, either intel, or portland 
or g95...

- you can compile on another similar machine, but, you must check that 
you have the same version of the C librairies.

- If you want to compile for a parrallel execution of the code, you must 
have the mpi libraries intalled on the computer where you compile the 
code, lam-mpi in your case. If not, you will only be able to produce a 
serial version of the code


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