[Pw_forum] Large files

Mickael Profeta profeta at sissa.it
Fri Apr 23 15:00:53 CEST 2004


This not something trivial to solve.

Linux on a 32bits architectecture has this 2Gb files limit.
There is a LFS (large file support) option in 2.4 kernel which can 
overcome this problem, but you will have to recompile your kernel, and 
then recompile pwscf with the hope it will take it into account (never 

Maybe the other solution is to increase the number of processors used: 
at the moment, each processor write its own file, so of you increase 
their number, each will have less information and can lead to file 
smaller than 2 Gb. Certainly the easiest solution if you can use it.

Good luck


> Hello PWSCF developers and users,
> How Can I adapt my Linux system and/or PWSCF software for using large 
> (greater than ~2Gb) files?
> At present, I am using  PC cluster  with Mandrake 10.0 Linux operating 
> system working with MPICH environment.
> Please help me, my boss need results :-)
> Best regards Darek Chrobak
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