[Pw_forum] fftw3

Giovanni Cangiani giovanni.cangiani at epfl.ch
Fri Apr 16 17:38:42 CEST 2004

Hi all,
	in their website, the authors of fftw claim that
fftw3 is about 20% faster than fftw2. I could not believe
that... until I tried myself.

It's true that the interface is completely changed and
not very suited to the way the fft driver is implemented
in pwscf. On the other hand I think it's worth to implement
I am not in the business anymore but I wrote a pwscf-like
wrapper for fftw3 in order to test my new cluster. This
module can be easily modified and make compatible with
the pwscf standard.
If you are interested and if this have not been done already 
I can take care of this fftw3 interface.


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