[Pw_forum] problem in k pt parallelization of ph.x in pwscf 2.0.1

himanshu at apsara.barc.ernet.in himanshu at apsara.barc.ernet.in
Mon Apr 12 09:14:37 CEST 2004

Dear pwscf users
I have compilesd pwscf 2.0.1 with absoft compiler on  linux beowellf cluster 
using mpich. pw.x and phcg.x is working properly.  But ph.x is working only 
with npr parallelization ( PW parallelization), when  K point parallelization 
is used then it does not works,it runs without any output. Following is the 
output of example2 
  Program PHONON    v.2.0.1  starts ...
     Today is 12Apr2004 at 12:18:33

     Parallel version (MPI)
     Number of processors in use:      4
     K-points division:    npool  =    2
     R & G space division: nprocp =    2

     Ultrasoft (Vanderbilt) Pseudopotentials

Thanks in anticipation

With Best Regards
Himanshu Kumar Poswal


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