[Pw_forum] (no subject)

Raghani Pushpa pushpa at jncasr.ac.in
Tue Apr 6 09:01:11 CEST 2004

dear users,
i was installing lapack on alpha machine, it linked all the files but
while doing the test runs in one of the program it gives the following

forrtl: error (75): floating point exception
   0: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ff81a6c374]
   1: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ff81a7422c]
   2: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ff800d0b9c]
   3: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ffbf65bfdc]
   4: slarrv_

does anybody have any idea which options should i use while compling so
that this error disappears. if i use this lapack library while compiling
pwscf, then i get the same error and the program stops.


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