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Jonathan Breeze breezejd at sbu.ac.uk
Thu Jun 26 17:49:48 CEST 2003


Your best bet is to install Linux on your PC.  If you have a spare partition
big enough, then Linux and Windows could coexist on your machine.  When you
boot up, you would get a choice between Linux or Windows.  I recommend
RedHat 8.1, an older version compatible with Intel Fortran Compiler version
7 (which is free).  If you don't have a spare partition, you could resize
the main Windows partition using NTFS-Linux package on the Knoppix
distribution (which boots off a CD) and then install Linux.

Another possibility (which I haven't tried) is to use the Cygwin package, a
UNIX environment for the PC which runs in Windows.
You can compile the FFTW, LAPACK, BLAS and ATLAS libraries using the GNU
compilers.  Unfortunately, there isn't a Fortran90 compiler available for
Cygwin, so you would have to use an old version of the PW source code that
uses f77.

Unfortunately, Windows and scientific computing are not the greatest of
friends, so I can't see anyone going to the great lengths of porting PW over
to MS.
I recommend you get acquainted with the interesting and free world of Linux.
It doesn't hurt!

> sprokuda at dnk.ru wrote:
> > Dear PW users,
> >
> > probably anybody had transfered the PW for Windows ? ( in best case
> > to C) ?
> > Or I'm asking to much ? :/
> I am afraid you are. PWscf is not (yet) a videogame. linux is free and
> can run on any machine which runs windows. why should anybody care doing
> scientific computation on windows?
> Stefano Baroni
> >
> > Regards,
> > Sergey Prokudaylo.
> >
> >
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