[Pw_forum] Error: can"t open a connected unit

Goranka Bilalbegovic goranka.bilalbegovic at zg.hinet.hr
Mon Jun 16 19:18:03 CEST 2003

> It helps me, but I do not understand, why pw.1.2.0 on HP cannot works with
PP in UPF format. It is possible use old format of PP. Why?
> But  PARA version cannot work, I got:
> error 1:
> name list &control
> But I tested it on example3 (Al), it works on serial version. What is

Dear Sergei,

Several years ago I had the problem to open files on the HP single processor
machine. The same f77 code worked without any problems on many other
computers and compilers. I do not now remember details, but I have to go
through the code and to change all open statements, and perhaps some other

I think that you should:
(1) look for web or paper manuals of this HP compiler, or man pages on your
computer. There you will find specific features of the compiler.
(2) search for HP web pages to see whether they have some type of support
for compilers, frequently asked questions, user forum...

The error "name list &control"  I had using the latest version of NAG
compiler on linux. Paolo already suggested that you should remove anything
before &control. With the nAG compiler I had to use many compiler options,
to change some parts of the code, and finally I had run time errors as this
name list&control. I found that differences between NAG and other compilers
are very big, this is very strict compiler, does not like old and
nonstandard things, and has some features of Fortran 2000. I was afraid that
even if the program runs, the results on some points are going to be wrong.
Also I did not want to make big changes on all future versions of pw, and
perhaps cp and fpmd.

I am now (both on single linux and linux cluster) very happy user of free
Intel compiler ifc, as many other people on this mailing list. I did not try
to install it on HP, but system managers on our Linux clusters are not very
hard-working and I have to install ifc compiler (both on single and parallel
linux) and mpich (on linux cluster) in my own directory. It is not hard. Or
you should ask your system manager to install ifc compiler on your HP
computer. Some computer managers are happy to help their users. If you do
not like this HP compiler, try ifc. I also use a native SGI compiler on O2K,
and it is very good for pw. But NaG, and perhaps your HP compilers are

Best regards,

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