[Pw_forum] Error: can"t open a connected unit

Paolo Giannozzi giannozz at nest.sns.it
Thu Jun 12 15:47:02 CEST 2003

> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
>      from seqopn : error #         7
>      can"t open a connected unit
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
>     stopping ...
> What does it mean?

it means that unit 7 (used to store indices) cannot be opened 
because it is already open (see PW/seqopn.f90, presumably 
called in PW/openfil.f90). It is not an error that is supposed
to happen, unless one makes inappropriate changes to the
code (such as opening unit 7 ...). So either there is something 
weird in your executable, or your system does not like that
you open unit 7. Once upon the time, it used to be a special 
unit, maybe the card reader, or the puncher (young people 
may never have heard of  such objects). Try to replace line
  iunigk = 7
in PW/openfil.f90 with 
    iunigk = 77
for instance. If the code keeps complaining, try to comment 
out the line in PW/seqopn.f90
    if (opnd) call errore ('seqopn', "can't open a connected unit", &
       abs (unit) )
and see what happens.


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