[Pw_forum] pgf90 compile error on Linux PC

whoming whoming at sohu.com
Thu Dec 18 10:27:07 CET 2003

Dear Paolo,
         Thank you very much! And according to your suggestion, I have updated
my compiler to PGI 5.1 and now it is ok!
          Best wishes!
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On Thursday 18 December 2003 05:51, whoming wrote:

>           I have accounted complile errors when I try to install pwscf
> v1.3.0 onto my Linux PC. My compiler is PGI 5.0.  [...]

> PGF90-S-0000-Internal compiler error.

> Any suggestion will be appreciated very much!

the suggestions you need are in the manual:
If you get ``internal compiler error'' or similar messages, lower
the optimization level, or remove optimization, just for the routine
that has problems. Some earlier versions of fortran-90 compilers
were not especially reliable. If you have weird problems, try to use
the most recent version of the compiler you can find, or to install
patches for the compiler (most vendors release at least a few patches
for free).

\paragraph{Linux PCs with Portland Group compiler (pgf90)}

Use the latest version of each release of the compiler,
with patches if available: see the Portland Group web
site, {\tt  http://www.pgroup.com/faq/install.htm\#release\_info}.
 PWscf does not work reliably, or not at all, with some versions
of the pgi compiler. It is not PWscf's fault.


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