[Pw_forum] PWscf-1.3 on Compaq ALPHA clusters under Linux

Zhenyu Li zyli at sina.com
Sun Dec 7 02:52:11 CET 2003

Dear Paolo

	Thanks for your advice, it works! 

	I encounterd a small error saying "a extra comma in pwtools/kpoints.f, 
line 89", and by removing this extra comma, I compiled the aplpha version 

	A strange thing in compiling alphaMPI is: when I run 'make all' the first
time, I got some error by some unresolved MPI functions; but I got a successful
make by just typing 'make all' again. :-)

Best Wishes

======= 2003-12-06 23:54:04 您在来信中写道:=======

>On Saturday 06 December 2003 13:32, Zhenyu Li wrote:
>> When compile pwscf-1.3.0 on an alpha machine [...]
>> I get the following error: [...]
>> Make: Cannot open .dependencies.  Stop.
>> *** Exit 1
>> Stop.
>> -----------------------------------------------------
>> Can anybody give me some suggestion?
>create an empty directory "FPMD" and re-run "./configure alpha".
>The missing file (flib/.dependencies) will be created this time.
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