[Pw_forum] PWscf-1.3 on Compaq ALPHA clusters under Linux

Zhenyu Li zyli at sina.com
Sat Dec 6 13:32:44 CET 2003

Dear Sergey and all PWscf users

When compile pwscf-1.3.0 on an alpha machine
sigma-x0> uname -a
OSF1 sigma-x0 V5.1 1885 alpha
I run ./configure alpha first, then make all, but
I get the following error:
ar rv clib.a c_getenv.o c_today.o cpflush.o factor.o indici.o memstat.o qsort.o readocc.o round2.o cptimer.o fft_stick.o
a - c_getenv.o
a - c_today.o
a - cpflush.o
a - factor.o
a - indici.o
a - memstat.o
a - qsort.o
a - readocc.o
a - round2.o
a - cptimer.o
a - fft_stick.o
ar: Warning: creating clib.a
Make: Cannot open .dependencies.  Stop.
*** Exit 1
Can anybody give me some suggestion?

Best Wishes,


======= 2003-10-03 13:02:00 您在来信中写道:=======

>Dear PWscf authors and users,
>I think we should to separate make.sys files for DEC Alpha and Compaq Alpha machines. 
>I using the last machines working under Linux. I have seen the Makefile provided by script configure 
>does nor work on Compaq Alpha machines. I have seen the errors message and done the minor changes
>in file clib/cp.h (add one underscore):
>#if defined __ALPHA && defined __LINUX
>#    define FFTW_INPLACE_DRV_1D fftw_inplace_drv_1d__
>#    define FFTW_INPLACE_DRV_2D fftw_inplace_drv_2d__
>#    define FFTW_INPLACE_DRV_3D fftw_inplace_drv_3d__
>#    define CREATE_PLAN_1D create_plan_1d__
>#    define DESTROY_PLAN_1D destroy_plan_1d__
>#    define CREATE_PLAN_2D create_plan_2d__
>#    define CREATE_PLAN_3D create_plan_3d__
>#    define DESTROY_PLAN_2D destroy_plan_2d__
>#    define DESTROY_PLAN_3D destroy_plan_3d__
>#    define FFT_X_STICK fft_x_stick__
>#    define FFT_XY_STICK fft_xy_stick_
>#    define FFT_XY fft_xy_
>#    define FFT_Y_STICK fft_y_stick__
>#    define FFT_Y_STICK2 fft_y_stick2_
>#    define FFT_Z_STICK fft_z_stick__
>#    define FFT_Z fft_z_
>#    define FFT_STICK fft_stick_
>#    define CP_GETENV cp_getenv_
>#    define CP_DATE cp_date__
>#    define CPFLUSH cpflush_
>#    define CPTIMER cptimer_
>#    define ELAPSED_SECONDS elapsed_seconds__
>#    define CCLOCK cclock_
>#    define FACTOR235 factor235_
>#    define FACTOR2 factor2_
>#    define LN_ALLOC ln_alloc__
>#    define LN_DEALLOC ln_dealloc__
>#    define LN_SET ln_set__
>#    define LN_ACTIVATE ln_activate__
>#    define LN_IND ln_ind__
>#    define MEMSTAT memstat_
>#    define READOCC readocc_
>#    define ROUND2 round2_
>#    define MYUNITNAME myunitname_
>#    define CP_ITOA cp_itoa_
>and  redefine CPPFLAGS :
>The compiler is "fort", i.e.
>Bets wishes,
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