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FELIPE VALENCIA felipe at titan.ipicyt.edu.mx
Tue Apr 29 23:33:25 CEST 2003

> > Well, I am little experienced with beowulf... but even so I can understand
> > I must compile the parallel version of the program in order to run it on
> > parallel :-))
> that's a good starting point :-)) The problem is that what you think you 
> did may not correspond to what you actually did...
Yes, I know... but this time I am almost sure about this point. At least I
am sure I compiled the paralell version of the program, but I am not sure
if I compiled it in the right way...

> > I do compile the pararell version of the program.. I can run it in the
> > localhost
> does it print "Parallel version (MPI)" in the first lines of
> output? have you already run parallel codes on this machine?
> even a very simple code that just calls mpi_init, prints 
> something, calls mpi_finalize, will do the job: use it as 
> an example (main program is PW/pwscf.f90, mpi_init is
> called in 'startup'). There are as many different mpi installations 
> as Beowulf machine, and each one behaves differently from all 
> others, apparently...

Yes it  prints "pararell version (MPI)"  . I have run the paralell version
of cpmd in the same cluster, althought the compilation steps were
performed by a wiser guy... Anywary, I will take a look at startup.f90
thanks again,

> Paolo (not Paulo!) 
Sorry! I already noticed the mispelling, but it was too late...
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