[QE-developers] patch_old_intel_to_6.4.1 error

Pietro Delugas pdelugas at sissa.it
Fri Oct 18 11:56:06 CEST 2019

Dear Mahmoud

thanks for reporting the issue.

I just downloaded the release file from github and the patch,  applied 
it and the program compiled.

It will take a little bit more of time to understand why it didn't work 
for you. I will have a more careful look at it ASAP.

B.T.W the  patch is needed only if you are using intel compilers older 
the 15.0.

If you managed to compile and use the  code without applying the patch 
there is no need to use it.

thanks again and regards - Pietro

On 17/10/19 16:26, Mahmoud A. A. Ibrahim wrote:

> Dear Developers of QE
> First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for 
> your effort in developing free open-source quantum mechanics software.
> We are writing to pay your attention to that:
> Patching  patch_old_intel_to_6.4.1 file using the following command:
> patch -p1 --merge < patch_old_intel_to_6.4.1
> leads to a problem during the installation of q-e-6.4.1.
> A copy of the error is attached.
> A copy of make.inc file is attached for your reference.
> A copy of the read_pseudo.f90 and read_upf.f90 files after patching 
> are attached for your reference.
> Sincerely;
> M. Ibrahim
> PS. So we proceeded our installation of q-e-6.4.1 without patching intel.
> -- 
> Mahmoud A. A. Ibrahim
> Head of CompChem Lab, Chemistry Department,
> Faculty of Science, Minia University, Minia 61519, Egypt.
> Email: m.ibrahim at compchem.net <mailto:m.ibrahim at compchem.net>
> m.ibrahim at mu.edu.eg <mailto:m.ibrahim at mu.edu.eg>
> Website: www.compchem.net <http://www.compchem.net>
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