[Q-e-developers] [Pw_forum] QE-GPU: compilation error with Espresso 5.1

Filippo Spiga spiga.filippo at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 15:35:00 CEST 2014

Dear Mauro,

On Sep 8, 2014, at 9:47 AM, Mauro Sgroi <maurofrancesco.sgroi at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm using now gcc 4.4 wih the internal blas/lapack libraries, just to reduce the complexity of the problem.

Bus still, Intel MKL will give you best performance. It is worth the complexity, give it a try!

> I modified GPU/install/make_phiGEMM.inc to link with -lgfortran to solve some undefined reference errors.
> But now the compilation stops with an undefined reference to `main'.

uhm I will look at this, I do not see any problem on my local machine but I will double-check again.


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