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great, thanks Filippo! -bill b

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Dear all, 

for your information CRAY compiler are now supported (version > 8.x.x). To compile on a standard XT5 or XE6 or XK7 you can run the configure in this way: 

$ ./configure --enable-openmp --enable-parallel --disable-wrappers --with-scalapack ARCH=crayxt 

Additional feedback from crayftn can be obtained by adding the flag "-rm" (FORTRAN) or "-h list=m" manually in the make.sys. Compiler information are reported in a file with .lst extension, one for each file. The current Makefiles do not clean those files if generated (so do it carefully). 

These changes will percolate in the GPU plug-in as soon as possible. At the moment something put random processes involved in the parallel execution on stuck at run-time and I am working to solve the problem. 

PGI, Intel and GNU continue to work (and ELPA works too using these compilers), with and without GPU. So one of those (I will suggest PGI first and the Intel) should be your first choice! 

I will edit and update the files "README.CRAY-XE6.CSCS_rosa" and "README.CRAY-XK7.CSCS_todi" under install/ making them more CRAY generic. 


Mr. Filippo SPIGA, M.Sc. 
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