[Wannier] Help in generating the files for TBmodel

Mohammed Ghadiyali m786g at live.co.uk
Wed May 17 13:34:19 CEST 2017

Dear ALL,

This question might be completely off, so I apologize for it before hand.

I am trying to generate the following data files for use with TBmodel [1]. It is to be used with wannier90 for creating hamiltonian to be used with kwant. So as per the tutorial, I need the following files:

  *   seedname_hr.dat
  *   seedname_wsvec.dat
  *   seedname_centers.xyz

Just to make sure that I do not mess up the wannier90's input, I am using the given examples, but even after modifying the wannier90 input via adding the following lines:

write_xyz = .true.
write_hr = .true.
write_rmn = .true.
write_tb = .true.
use_ws_distance = .true.

I am not being able to create the above-mentioned files. Please help.

Ghadiyali Mohammed Kader,
Research Student,
Dept. of Physics,
University of Mumbai.

1. http://z2pack.ethz.ch/tbmodels/doc/1.1/tutorial.html

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