[Wannier] Principle layers

Haichang Lu hl432 at cam.ac.uk
Tue May 16 11:11:36 CEST 2017

Dear All,
I am conducting lcr transport calculation while I found a message in the 
end of my unfinished calculation.
Reading CNNRAC_LCR.unkg  file

  Sorting WFs into principal layers

  Inconsistent number of groups among principal layers: restarting 

  Sorting WFs into principal layers

  Sorting techniques exhausted: Inconsistent number of groups among 
principal layers

I set number of unit cell in side the principle layers into 1 and number 
of wannier functions inside the principle layer into 54, which is the 
number of wannier function of a unit cell of lead.

I only put one unit cell in the left and right lead.

However, when I calculate your tutorial of example 15 of defect CNT, I 
found lcr need 4 Principle layers, with 2 at each end.

I wonder if only 1 unit cell at each lead is enough? Or more for buffer 

And can anyone explain what is sorted index and unsorted index in 
principle layer sorting procedure?

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