[Pw_forum] how to expolit the parallelism

Davide Tiana d.tiana at bath.ac.uk
Sat Apr 19 17:47:53 CEST 2014

Dear all,
I'm testing how to have the best parallelism of pw.x  on archer (the  
new uk supercomp).

I'm a bit confused on

1) task parallelisation:
how choose the ntg. If I understood correctly it should be to the 3  
dimension of the smooth FFT grid. Looking on the output I can only  
have the dense one:

Dense  grid:  1142409 G-vectors     FFT dimensions: ( 108, 108, 192)

how can I know the smooth dimensions?

2) band parallelisation:
is it worthy?
I think here the number I've to look is, for instance, 56

        Kohn-Sham Wavefunctions         1.03 Mb     (   1201,   56)

am I right? if yes, what could be a good splitting vs npool?

probably more important is it alternative and better to ntg or it can  
be combine with it?

Happy Easter to everyone

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